About Us

NON SPACES is an on-line platform promoting emerging spaces available for short term rent.  

NON SPACES platform is active in culturally-driven cities. All spaces displayed on the platform are available to rent for work, production, events and pop up needs. The process is easy, NON SPACES promotes spaces by uploading them on the website. Interested tenants contact our team online through the form next to each space, selecting dates and purpose for each rental booking. NON SPACES connects tenants with their dream space!

NON SPACES, a two sided marketplace with a sustainability profile, re-purposes potential usage of its spaces. Examples of usage include exhibitions, collaborations, promotional events and development of business ideas, market tests, one-off concepts, co-working spaces, production sets, fairs, festivals, pop-up shops, restaurants, theaters, rehearsals, education.

Our space archive assists creatives, artists, designers, fashion brands, agencies, institutions, brand representatives, companies, tech, start uppers, nonprofit facilities or cooperate social responsibility organizations and others by focusing on connecting spaces and tenants. Our space concierge team is here to assist you with concept, usage, licenses, suppliers.  No matter if you live in the city where you would like to rent a space or not, we are here to assist for any rental bookings. 

Your Experience  In Our Spaces  
NON SPACES website relates to culture, upscale architecture and design, displaying imagery and detailed descriptions of the spaces, including materials, lighting, dimensions, maps, permits, top views. A real-time availability calendar can be viewed on line in each space, along with information on the possible usage of each space. 

The platform researches and aims to connect emerging spaces. Through NON SPACES, one can find art studios, commercial spaces, lofts, factories, semi-built buildings, industrial, communal spaces and retail spaces, galleries, culture associated spaces, theaters, privately managed public spaces, offices, shops or malls and private residencies to rent for a short period of time.