Privacy policy

Terms and conditions of use

Of Website and Platform

I. Preamble

1.The entity under the commercial name “NON SPACES” (“NON SPACES”) has as its purpose, among others, the online display, advertisement and promotion of spaces available to rent for creative, cultural and other purposes, for short time-periods. The provision of promotional services is made mainly through the internet and relevant websites.

2.Within the framework of the above activity, “NON SPACES” has created and is the administrator and sole beneficiary of the website “” and its domain (the “Website”), which includes, among others, a platform that displays and/or advertises spaces to the public with the purpose of rent (the “Platform”)

3.The current Terms of Use (the “Terms”) regulate the participation of the users in the Website and the Platform.


4.The users of the Website and the Platform accept without any reservation these Terms which regulate the entire content of the Website, the Platform, the graphics, the images, the pictures and all kinds of files and applications included in the Website and/or the Platform.


5. NON SPACES reserves the right to unilaterally modify the Terms, at any given moment without previous notice. The continuance of access and/or use of the Website and/or the Platform constitute an unreserved acceptance by the User of the modified Terms of Use.


II. Participation of Users in the Website and Platform

Α. Entry-Registration

1. The entry and the use of the Website and the Platform are exclusively intended for adults.

2.Registration of users to the Website is optional.

3.NON SPACES reserves the right to cancel or deactivate the account of any User as well as to prevent the access and the use of the Website and/or the Platform in case of violation of the Terms or the Law. The User is not entitled to any refund for the suspension or the deactivation of his account or the prohibition of access to the Website and/or the Platform.

B. User Ethics

1.The User is obliged to comply with the Law and the current Terms and in particular to:

a. Use the Website and the Platform exclusively for its intended use as described in the current Terms.

b. Operate according to law, good faith, bona mores and business morals.

c. Abstain from any action that may damage or circumvent the security system of the Website and/or the Platform, like access to data intended for exclusive use by NON SPACES, access to an account of a registered User, attempt to assess the vulnerability of the security system, distortion of security codes, attempt to cause the malfunction of the Website and/or the Platform, sending unwanted or spam e-mails to registered Users etc.

d. Abstain from any statement or post that violates the law in any way and more indicatively, to abstain from posts or statements that may be considered to have an improper or annoying or threatening or abusive or offensive content for a person or a group of people, based on religion, sex, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, age, particularities, handicap or anything similar that may harm the honor or reputation of any person or group of people.

e. Not use the Website and/or the Platform in order to advertise or promote products or services of the same or third parties.

f. Not send spam e-mails or mass e-mails to unknown addresses about the work, the goals and the actions of the Website and/or the Platform and/or NON SPACES. Such behavior shall be considered to directly harm the reputation of NON SPACES and the Website.

g. Notify NON SPACES immediately upon noticing any of the above mentioned forbidden actions.

h. Provide true, accurate, complete and updated information in the registration form and keep them up to date.

2. The User is exclusively liable for any damage to the Website, the Platform and NON SPACES caused by the violation of the Terms and the wrong, unfair, illegal or malicious use of the Website and the Platform.

3. For any damage or harm to legal rights and interests of third parties that may be caused by a User’s violation of the Terms and/or the law, e.g. from posting, publishing, sharing or sending any offensive, insulting, defamatory, false, untrue, libelous, racist and generally punishable content according to criminal or civil law ,the respective User is exclusively liable for their restitution as well as for all relevant civil claims and criminal charges, while NON SPACES and its administrator(s) bear no liability whatsoever even for negligence.

III. Links to other Websites

1.The Website and/or the Platform may include links to other websites, controlled by the respective administrators and in no way by NON SPACES.

2.NON SPACES is not in a position to check or control, does not check or control and is in no way liable for the availability, the content, the possibility of malware or viruses, the policy for the protection of personal data, the quality and completeness of the services or the products of other websites where it may redirect through links, hyperlinks or advertisements (banners).

IV. Limitation of Liability

NON SPACES and its administrator(s) are not liable for any kind of damage, whether financial or not, that the User may suffer as a result of the latter’s use of the Website and/or Platform. The User chooses to access the Website and the Platform and to use the relative services in absolute freedom of will and in full knowledge and unreserved acceptance of the current Terms. The User accepts the Website, the Platform and the provided services “as they are” without the existence of any kind of explicit or implicit guarantee in any way.


NON SPACES and its administrator(s) have no liability and do not guarantee in any way that the Website, the Platform and the provided services will be provided without interruption, fault and deficiencies.


NON SPACES and its administrator(s) have no liability and do not guarantee in any way that the Website, the Platform, the websites to which they redirect as well as the servers via which access is permitted to the Users, are provided without viruses, malware or other harmful components.


V. Intellectual Property

1. The content of the website www.nonspaces.comand its domain (“the Website”) is protected by rights of intellectual and industrial property of NON SPACES and its partners. All the photographs, pictures, images, trademarks, product names, logos, slogans, scripts, domain names, graphics, videos, blueprints, illustrations, charts and other elements, regardless of the way they appear on the Website constitute exclusive property of NON SPACES and its partners. Said elements are protected by rights of intellectual and industrial property of NON SPACES and its partners regarding the design, appearance, composition and any other characteristic protected by law.

2.  NONSPACES respects the rights of intellectual property of third parties. If auser is made aware that a product of his intellectual property has been illegally duplicated or copied and made available on the Website, he is requested to immediately contact the administrators of the Website. The address to which the particular User may refer is:

3.  Without the previous written consent by NON SPACES, any use (personal and commercial), alteration, destruction and variation of photographs, pictures, images, trademarks, markings, rights of intellectual property as well as indications, is forbidden irrespective of their protection by absolute and exclusive rights or not. Without the previous written consent by NON SPACES, the complete or partial copy, imitation, sale, re-sale, detachment, confusion, misrepresentation, alteration, re-publication, reproduction, transfer or in any way commercial or private exploitation of items of the content of the Website is forbidden. No element from those stated or implied on the Website provides the user with any kind of license to use the photographs, pictures, images, trademarks or the products protected by laws of intellectual and industrial property. In order for the user to receive a license by NON SPACES to use some elements of the Website, he is advised to send relevant application via e-mail to the address The user’s refusal to comply with the previous instructions provides NON SPACES with the right to block any future access to the Website.

4.  NON SPACES grants the user a limited and non-exclusive license to access the Website, but not to download or copy their elements or alter them without the previous written consent of NON SPACES. The above license does not cover any sale or commercial use (primary or secondary) of the Website and their contents, any collection and usage of the products and services mentioned therein, as well as any download or copy of information of users.

5.  If a user publishes unsolicited ideas and/or material consisting of texts, photographs, pictures, images, sounds, software, information or anything else (the “Material”) to the Website, or sends relevant material to NONSPACES via e-mail or in any other way, NON SPACES has the right to use, copy and/or commercially utilize said Material to the maximum extent without any charge. NON SPACES is not bound by any confidentiality obligation regarding such Material. The user is obliged to compensate and hold NON SPACES free of any liability against any judicial action, claim and liability, which involves NON SPACES and relates to or is caused by the use or utilization of the material which violates the rights of intellectual property of any third party or constitutes an unlawful action against a third party.

6. In accordance with the above policy and in order to ensure the protection of any IP and/or relevant rights, the Website implements, among others, a JQuery code that disables the ability to right click - download and drag n copy images to any type of hard disk (local or server).

VI. Protection of minors

The information and the data provided by NON SPACES via the Website and the Platform are intended exclusively for adults. NON SPACES does not have any liability if part or all of the data and information provided in its Website or Platform are made accessible or used by minors. Although NON SPACES makes reasonable effort to protect minor Users, it nevertheless warns that the latter may be made exposed to inappropriate, insulting, misleading and annoying content, for which NON SPACES and its administrator(s) have no liability whatsoever. For this reason, the use of the Internet by minors should be made under the constant monitoring and guidance by adults.

VII. Data Protection policy

This Data Protection policy sets out the conditions for the collection and management of the visitors’ and registered users’ (henceforth “the Users”) personal data by NON SPACES, during the visit, registration and use of the services of the Website.

The processing and protection of the Users’ personal data are governed by these terms, by the relevant provisions of Greek Law for the protection of personal data (L. 2472/1997, L. 3471/2006 etc.) as time to time in force, by the Directives and Regulations of the European Union as well as by relevant decisions, directives and regulatory acts of the Data Protection Authority (D.P.A.).

Responsible for processing

NON SPACES Address: is responsible for processing the personal data of the Users collected by the Website.


General Terms of Management and Protection of Personal Data

The processing of personal data of Users is confidential and NON SPACES takes all reasonably necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of this processing and the protection of the Website, in order to prevent accidental destruction, loss, use in bad faith or alteration of personal data, unauthorized access of third parties to sensitive information or use of information for purposes other than collecting and managing personal data.

The only ones having access to personal data of the Users are the authorized NON SPACES staff and/or the staff of third companies with whom NON SPACES may have contracted for the processing of data on its behalf.


Purposes of Processing

The purposes of processing of the personal data collected through the Website are:

Questions/Complaints etc.

The personal data and any other information provided to NON SPACES by the User for expressing questions/complaints are processed by NON SPACES to the minimum degree necessary in order to understand their content and give the suitable answers/explanations.

Improvement of the provided services/ Statistics

The personal data and any other information provided to NON SPACES by the User undergo the minimum processing necessary, in order for NON SPACES to improve the products and/or services provided by the Website. For this purpose, NON SPACES may process such data in order to draw conclusions about the number of visits to the Website, to outline the profile of the average User etc.

User’s Account

The personal data and any other information provided by the User with his consent, in order to obtain access to all services provided by the Website, are processed by NON SPACES to the minimum degree necessary for the User to enjoy the provided services. The User guarantees that all data and information provided by the same are true, accurate, complete, up-to-date and valid and are appropriately updated and/or modified to reflect reality. NON SPACES takes all reasonable measures to protect the Username and the Password created by the User. At the same time, the User is obliged to protect the above data with every diligence possible, being exclusively liable for all actions taken through his account and/or the use of his Username/Password. The User can change the above data each time he considers necessary to reinforce the security and protection of his account on the Website. NON SPACES grants the User the possibility to logout from his account, in order to minimize the chances of use of his data by third unauthorized parties. For security reasons, NON SPACES reserves the right to deactivate a User’s account for any period, without previously notifying said User, as well as to temporarily or permanently deactivate a User’s account that remains inactive for any period longer than four (4) months.


NON SPACES requests the permission by the User to send informative messages about products, initiatives, questionnaires, events, services and/or any other information about NON SPACES. The relevant permission of the User is granted by his registration to the respective service of NON SPACES (“registered User”). These data are processed by NON SPACES to the minimum degree necessary for the latter to be able to send such Newsletters to the Users.

NON SPACES reserves the right to selectively send such messages to some of the registered Users and/or to delete certain Users from the recipients’ list, at its absolute discretion. NON SPACES provides the registered Users with the right to be removed from the recipients’ list at any time. The e-mails of the registered Users are exclusively used for this purpose and are deleted when the User chooses to be removed from the recipients’ list of said services.

The e-mail address of the User is kept with NON SPACES and is not made public to third parties, unless the User grants his consent. NON SPACES bears no liability for personal data made public to the Website by the User.

Internet Protocol Address

NON SPACES may collect information from the User about the IP address, the type of browser, the accessibility to the internet etc., in order to provide the User with services of superior quality. NON SPACES may also use these data for statistical purposes and/or relevant conclusions.


Data Recipients

NON SPACES will not disclose, publish, sell, trade, give or in any other way provide for exploitation/use by third parties (whether natural or legal persons), the personal data of Users, unless explicitly stated otherwise in this Data Protection policy

NON SPACES maintains files of these data for the purposes of communication, statistics and improvement of the services provided.

In exceptional circumstances, NON SPACES may disclose personal data of Users, and particularly:

If NON SPACES has received the explicit consent of the User;

If NON SPACES is obliged or entitled to disclose such data according to a relevant agreement, the Law, a judicial and/or regulatory and/or administrative decision or judgment; and

If they constitute data necessary for the preservation of the quality and/or security of the relevant services of NON SPACES.

NON SPACES is entitled to make public, forward and share some of the collected information (gender, age etc.) with its partners/associates, always respecting the anonymity of the Users. Under no circumstances are personal data of the Users given to the above persons. The anonymity of the Users is preserved in all cases. The Users are entitled to express their objections in writing and to be excluded from this particular processing.

Rights of access and objection

As a subject of personal data, every User is entitled to: (a) know if his personal data are processed or have been processed by NON SPACES (right of access, article 13 L. 2472/1997); and (b) object to the processing of his data at any time, including the right to request the deletion of such personal data (right of objection, article 13 L. 2472.1997)

The User is entitled to request at any time by NON SPACES the deletion of his personal data and every other information concerning him. Within this framework, the User is entitled to correct, update and/or deactivate any service he may receive by the Website.

In order to exercise the rights of access and objection, as well as for any other matter concerning the processing of his personal data, the User can communicate with NON SPACES Address:


NON SPACES may use cookies in order to establish or facilitate communication between NON SPACES and the User. By doing so, NON SPACES ensures the proper functioning of the Website and the relevant services, records general data about the Website traffic and/or the commercial behavior of Users and conducts surveys to improve the content and services of the Website. The cookies are small text files in “.txt” format that, if the User has chosen to accept, are stored in the hard drive of the PC for the above purposes. These cookies do not record personal data of the User, nor do they access any document or file in the PC.

The Website may allow access to cookies of social network applications by third parties. This enables the User to share content from the Website with various social networks. The use of data collected by said third parties through social network applications is exclusively regulated by those third parties and NON SPACES bears no liability whatsoever. For any information concerning cookies of these third parties, the User must refer to their respective policies.

The User may set the browser of his PC in a way that, it either warns him about the use of cookies in specific fields of the Website, or does not allow access to cookies.


Special Links

Any connection of the Website to any other internet domain via special links (links, hyperlinks, banners) does not create any liability of NON SPACES about the policy adopted by such internet domains on the protection of personal data. NON SPACES cannot and does not control the content, the terms of use, the policy for the protection of personal data, the quality and the credibility of these internet domains.



NON SPACES does not aim at collecting personal data of minors having access to the Website. However, it is impossible for NON SPACES to guarantee so and therefore any minor Users that provide their personal data to NON SPACES via the Website are obliged and expected to have obtained the consent by the persons exercising parental authority.


Modification of current terms

NON SPACES may modify the current Data Protection policy at any time. Any modifications will be valid as from their posting on the Website. No change to the above terms will have retroactive effect on the management of personal data of Users collected in the past, unless this is imposed by the legislation in force. In this case, NON SPACES will notify the registered Users through the e-mail addresses provided to NON SPACES.


10. Acceptance of the Data Protection policy

If a User completely or partially disagrees with this Data Protection policy, he is obliged not to use and/or to cease immediately to use the Website, the Platform and the relevant services. The use of the Website, the Platform and the relevant services by the User constitute an unreserved acceptance by the same of the data protection policy.


VIII. Miscellaneous

1. The current Terms are governed by Greek law and exclusively competent for the disputes arising from their application are the Courts of Athens.

2.The use of the Website and the Platform presuppose and constitute acceptance of the current Terms in their entirety. If the User disagrees with some of the Terms of the Website and Platform or with all of them, he is obligated to abstain from their use, otherwise he is understood to have accepted all the terms and conditions of their use.

3.Any invalidity of part of the Terms does not affect the validity of the total.