How does it work?
NON-SPACES is active in the short-term rental industry, recruiting and representing spaces available to rent for creative, cultural, work, production purposes, events and pop up or other - interlinking between cities. The projects space archive assists communities by offering appropriate spaces for their needs.  All possible activities in the spaces which will be rented are created by tenants independently.

Tenants: the brands, artists, agencies, designers, companies, organisations, foundations, companies, individuals which rent a space from NON SPACES have complete control over, and responsibility for their activities in the space while renting it. NON SPACES is a platform and a resource; we are not involved in the development of ideas in the spaces themselves, or any agreements or transactions between the parties. We examine the potential usage of spaces with our team of experts and create synergies between the tenants and spaces, assisting with creative ideas and communication when needed along with facilitating the process of booking a space.

Tenants set the requirements of their ideal occupation of the spaces through our website. They can find a unique space that matches their budget, image, location and target audience.

Tenants and spaces managers agreements 
NON SPACES completes a business profile with a description and photos for each space, as well as details of business rates, deposit, utilities and any added-value service charges that tenants are expected to pay eg. costs for cleaning common areas, shared WiFi, security, staffing space maintenance or insurance.

Interested tenants will send requests directly to NON SPACES. When tenants and space managers agree to terms on a temporary activity in the space,  NON SPACES immediately shares contact details to facilitate a viewing.

Agreements are flexible and managed through conversation — tenants and space managers must agree to the terms before formalizing. When both sides agree to the terms for a temporary use of space, the space manager and the tenant will enter into a rental agreement directly, covering all aspects, including insurance and responsibility for the use of the space. 

NON SPACES charges tenants and space managers a brokers fee
(a success fee compensation) only in the case the two parties sign a rental agreement.

NON SPACES is acting as a mediator only and therefore does not have any responsibility or liability relating to all and any transactions facilitated by NON SPACES and/or its website.